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Portfolio Class with Clare :-)

This book shows those embarking on a career in creative advertising how best to put together an effective, professional portfolio. Clare McNally is an acclaimed teacher in advertising (Miami Ad School) and has worked in top agencies and won numerous international advertising awards. She has written her book in a clear voice, with a personal approach. Reading it is very much like enjoying a personal master class by Clare. She has a two-pronged attack: how to make campaigns good enough to put in your portfolio, and how to make a portfolio good enough to put them in. Because there is no use having great work presented badly, or bad work presented well. Clare shows how to make great work and present it well. She answers the questions that students repeatedly come up with in her classes. What to include, how to organize and display the work and how to present it? But she also discusses issues like how to present to teachers, how to choose between copy and art direction and simply how to make it as a junior in the advertising world. Clare offers a good deal of inspiration, reminding students that even though they’re called junior and are in awe of the advertising superstars, these greats were a) once them and b) need them to reinvent their agencies and make them feel young and inspired again.

About Clare

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ISBN: 978-90-6369-198-1
Author: Clare McNally
Format: paperback
Dimensions: 23,8 x 17 cm
Pages: 160
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€ 24,00 € 15,00

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