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Indie Brands

30 independent brands that inspire and tell a story

New brands are created every day and everywhere around the globe, but only a few succeed in finding a place in consumers’ minds and hearts. These successful brands often have a story to tell; many are authentic and innovative. IKEA, Apple, Google, Innocent, Tiger beer, Starbucks: all are great brands with great brand stories. But what makes a good independent brand? And what are the independent brands of tomorrow? What does an indie brand look like? And can an independently founded brand ever go mainstream without selling out?

This book delves into the world of indie brands: brands that are driven by entrepreneurs and creative people who are independent, who have a unique story to tell that is an intricate part of the brand. These cutting-edge indie brand developers have great brand design, smart marketing and an innovative approach, in the sense that they are genuinely new or are reinventing a familiar product or service in an entirely new way.
Besides a short interview with the founder or creator of the brands, the book also shows the workspace where the brand is created and the things these creative entrepreneurs surround themselves with. The visual manifestations of the brand are naturally also included, such as packaging, communication materials and other visual eye candy.

  • New book by the author of the bestselling Ridiculous Design Rules series
  • Indie Brands tell a unique story, have great design and smart marketing
  • Must read for branding professionals and young entrepreneurs

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