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McLuhan Unbound

An essay is for research, a book for clarification. The essay as a free form of investigation, the book as the casing for a more in-depth study. That was media guru Marshall McLuhans opinion on the subject, something confirmed by this cassette: a curious collection of colourful ‘note books’ that place the reader in the role of co-researcher. Not just another well-presented collection of articles and interviews, but twenty loose copies of McLuhan’s original dissertation. Some were written as forerunners of future books; the first tentative steps on unexplored terrain. Part 17 for example, is the first draft of McLuhan’s most celebrated theme: the Medium is the Message. Others were written as appendages to books already written • because he had either discovered something new, or because the book itself had led to fresh insights.
This beautifully finished edition brings together twenty essays that give a unique and extraordinary survey of McLuhan’s diverse interests and the uniformity of his thinking. On the one hand a literary philosopher, on the other hand a controversial media theorist with revolutionary opinions on electronic media; two extremes brought together as ‘unbound’ components in one cassette.

    ISBN: 978-90-6369-131-8
    Marshal McLuhan

    Design: Die Gestalten Verlag
    Format: paperback
    Dimensions: 22,8 x 15,6 cm
    Pages: 412
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