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BETC PARIS - Global Advertising Agency

BETC was founded in 1994 as a small creative hotshop and is now France’s largest advertising agency with 400 people on its staff. In the past 14 years it has 11 times been designated the most creative agency in France. And both The Gunn Report and Shots Magazine recently also included BETC among the most creative agencies in the world. A fantastic agency, BETC hasFrench dream clients like Air France, Evian, Peugeot, Louis Vuitton, Canal+, Vichy and others.

This oversized book gives a splendid picture of BETC’s work and also shows that BETC is more of a cultural producer than just another an ad agency, as witnessed by the many events and projects that BETC organises in its basement - passage de desir - in the area of music, fashion, design and photography.

Want to KNOW MORE about this fantastic book?

Article in Creativity

ISBN: 978-90-6369-178-3
Remi Babinet

Notes: English/French/Japanese language.

Includes a DVD of the agency’s best ads on film.
Format: hardcover
Dimensions: 30,3 x 30,3 cm
Pages: 380
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€ 65,00

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